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Avatar: after the war ends 19
Chapter 19: Dinner with the Queen
I entered the house where mother lived and quickly examined it. Thought it was poorly furnished there weren’t any obvious traps, nor anyone other than mother who might attack me.
“Do you want something to eat?”
I turned to face mother. Though her question sounded innocent I knew that it would be very easy for her to poison my food. Even doping it would give her an advantage. My first instinct was to refuse, however the lingering smell of noodles in this room made me realise how hungry I was. I hadn’t eaten since this morning and it I didn’t eat tonight I wouldn’t have the strength to fend off the Avatar. Without any other source of food I decided to take up mother’s offer, then force her eat the food she made. If she refuses I’ll make her tell me why she poisoned it.
“What do you have?” I asked.
“I can quickly make some Shoyu Ramen,” mother replied.
“Okay then.”
Hardly a fitti
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Avatar: after the war ends 18
Chapter 18: The Queen and the Princess
We rode for hours through the forest; I rode in the centre, three Dai Lee rode in front of me, three behind me, and one on either side of me. Eventually we left the forest and rode towards a mountain range. Once in the range we rode along a dirt road until we came to a dead end. I slowed down so that five of the Dai Lee were now in front of me and prepared myself in case this was a trap. The three Dai Lee furthest in front of me then dismounted and used their Earthbending to open up a hidden tunnel through the mountain. They then remounted their Komodo Rhinos and entered the tunnel. I followed them into the tunnel. After only a short trek everything suddenly went dark and I realised that the three Dai Lee behind me had closed the entrance. I quickly used my Firebending to examine my surrounding but all I saw was a long tunnel and the eight Dai Lee. If this is a trap it’s already too late to escape.
With no other option I continued to r
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Avatar: after the war ends 17
Chapter 17: Escaping the Inferno
************ Colonial Forest ***********
After the Fire Nation soldiers set the trees on fire we all ran away from them to avoid being burned. While it would be easiest to just keep running away I knew that if we left the fire to burn it would quickly spread, we needed to contain it while we still could.
“Toph, create a stone circle around the trees we were just standing by to contain the fire.”
“Okay Sokka,” she replied.
Toph promptly used her Earthbending to create a large stone column around the trees. Though this would stop the fire from spreading its height and the smoke coming out of it made it clearly visible. As the Fire Nation soldiers pursuing us would soon notice this new ‘chimney’ and come to investigate it we needed to get away from here fast. Though we could just leave Azula in the mess she’d gotten herself into without her we wouldn’t be able to prove the generals were causing all the problem
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Avatar: after the war ends 16
Chapter 16: Fire and Earth
I turned round and headed towards the window I’d climbed through. Since the tile roof was lower than the floor this made getting back through the window much more difficult. Eventually I managed to climbed back through the window. I then headed towards the door and put my ear to it to see if I could hear anyone outside (I didn’t want to run into any guards who had missed my performance on the roof, since they wouldn’t know who I was). As I couldn’t hear anything outside I unlocked the door and stepped into the hall.
The hall was deserted. Good, this would make moving about easier. Though I wanted to know how the soldiers had become so powerful I knew that if I ran down to them I’d end up so tired that I wouldn’t be able to stand. An entrance like that would make me look weak and cause the soldiers to question my leadership ability. If I wanted to make a dignified entrance I would need to walk to them. While this would take
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Avatar: after the war ends 15
Chapter 15: Battle in the Western Castle: part two
As I was waiting for the guards to go to the courtyard I heard someone coming down the corridor. Looking through a crack in the door I saw that it was an old woman carrying a tray with several cups of tea on it. Perfect, she’d be able to provide me with all the information I needed. I went into the corridor and fired a fireball in front of the old woman. When it hit the wall she screamed and fell backwards, the tea went everywhere soaking her. As she tried to stand up I put my foot on her hand. When she looked up I put my hand around her throat and heated it up with some light Firebending. I could see the fear in her eyes.
“If you want to live tell me what I want to know,” I ordered.
She started crying but didn’t say anything. I increased the heat on her neck.
“Do you understand? Yes or no,” I shouted.
“I … I understand. Plea … please don’t kill me,” she sobbed.
Now that she
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Avatar: after the war ends 14
Chapter 14: Battle in the Western Castle: part one
My cell door opened and a guard came in. He opened the door to my cage and ordered me out. I pretended that my left foot was injured and limped out. I decided to feign an injury so that the guards would expect me to be slow and walk behind them. From behind they wouldn’t see me charging my lighting.
Outside my cell there was an officer with a scar above his left eye and another guard. The officer moved close to me and said
“Follow us, if you try to escape you’ll be harshly punished.”
As if I’d be scared by that. The officer then turned round and started walking towards the door at the end of the cell block, the guard following him. I limped after them with the guard who open my cell following us (since he had the keys to the cells he was probably the jailor). I decided to walk slower than normal, so that the jailor could overtake me, then I’d charge my lighting and fry the jailor and the guard. I
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Avatar: after the war ends 13
Chapter 13: The Western Castle
*********** Fire Nation Colonial Castle ************
My cell was of Fire Nation design, a metal cage in a stone room with an outer wooden door. After I was put in my cell and the guard left several of the girls in the other cells asked me questions about who I was, why I was here, and some questions about what was happening where they lived. I lied and said I was called Ruikei, I’d been mistaken for Azula, and I didn’t know the answer to any the other questions (why would I know about what’s happening where they’re from). After I’d finished talking one of the girls (I couldn’t see her since the door blocked my view of the corridor) said that all the girls here had been mistaken for Azula and no one knew why they were here. As they’d been in here longer than me I decided to asked them some questions about this place.
Unfortunately the only things I learned about this place were that the soldiers called it the Weste
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Avatar: after the war ends 12
Chapter 12: Trouble in the forest: part 2
Toph created a path and Azula walked up it. Once out of the hole she went around the bush and headed towards the soldiers. I peeked to over the bush and saw two Fire Nation soldiers holding Ruikei, three more Fire Nation soldiers on Komodo Rhinos (one wore different armour than the others), and a fourth Komodo Rhino with a metal box on wheels attached to it (the ‘carriage’ they mentioned). When I asked Toph how many soldiers were out there she said there were two soldiers on the ground and nine Komodo Rhinos (one with a cart attached to it). I hope Azula knows what she’s doing.
As Azula headed towards the soldiers one of the soldiers on a Komodo Rhino shouted at her to stop. She obeyed. The soldier who shouted at her rode over to Azula and said something and Azula responded (we were too far away to hear what they were saying). Azula then walked towards the ‘carriage’ where the other soldiers had just thrown Ruike
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Avatar: after the war ends 11
*********** Fire Nation Royal Palace ************
It was another tiring day today. In the morning I received yet more reports from the generals in the colonies about Azula’s campaign in the northern areas (mainly looting and abducting children to fight as soldiers in her armies). This new wave of terror worried the generals, so they were requesting access to additional soldiers to stop Azula. I then spent the rest of the day in meetings with my advisors and hearing their suggestions on which soldiers would be most effective. After a long day I decided to granted them an additional four more divisions to be used to defend the villages in the north and two mounted divisions to search for Azula’s soldiers. Now I just wanted to sleep. However when I entered my room I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping just yet; Mai was waiting for me in my room, holding another letter from Sokka.
“Can it wait unit morning? I asked.
“No, you need to read this,” Mai replied.
Mai then w
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Avatar: after the war ends 10
Chapter 10: Escape from Nanjing
I went downstairs into the room I shared with Suki and Toph. I told them we had a problem and asked Suki to get Ty Lee and Azula. Suki then left and a few minutes later arrived with Ty Lee and Azula (Azula still looked tired). I explained that the dock was swarming with Fire Nation soldiers, so we’d need to disguise Azula (mainly using makeup). I asked Ty Lee to bring in her makeup and the clothes we took from the Captain, so we’d know what we had to work with.
“Uh … Sokka we don’t have any of the Captain’s clothes anymore. When Azula got her new clothes she burned them,” Ty Lee said.
“What about the Jacket she was wearing when she boarded the Nayami,” I asked, if Azula wore this jacket it would cover most of her Earth Kingdom clothes.
“Azula burned it last night,” Ty Lee said, she sounded upset about this for some reason.
It took a moment from me to realise just how bad this was. If Azula was
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Avatar: after the war ends Ch9
Chapter 9: Poison
We managed to board the Nayami (the ship that was taking us to Nanjing) without any problem. The Nayami was a Fire Nation cargo ship that had been converted to carry extra passengers. Judging by how few people there were onboard and how much cargo they put into it I’m guessing that very few people travel this way. This was fortunate since we didn’t want anyone to know where we were.
Shortly after boarding Azula demanded that we take her to her room (the room she was sharing with Ty Lee anyway). Since we didn’t want to carry our bags around the ship we all went below deck to our rooms. We came to the family room I was sharing with Toph and Suki first (any room with more than two beds was called a family room), so we went in while Ty Lee and Azula continued down the hall. As I watched them go down the hall I noticed Azula was slightly clutching her stomach as she walked (was she feeling sea sick, who’d have though Azula suffered from sea sickn
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Avatar: after the war ends Ch8
Chapter 8: Leaving Dairen
############ 2 days before the ship to Nanjing leaves #############
The next day I went to see Lai to sell the jewellery I’d taken from the Fort. At first I was reluctant to sell it since them because they belonged to someone else, however I didn’t want them to be sold to raise money to help support Azula’s campaign in the colonies, even though Azula wasn’t involved in it and technically we’d be using the money to support Azula. I then gave up rationalising and decided to sell them.
When I finally tracked Lai down I showed him the jewellery and he told me who’d pay a good price for it. Next he asked how it went with my “supplier” and I told him a fake story in which we went nowhere near the Fort (I didn’t know who he might talk to). Afterwards I asked Lai if he had any more “jobs” available (we’d need to get as much money as we could for the trip) and he said he had some “deliveries”
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Avatar: after the war ends Ch7
Chapter 7: The Next Step
When we woke in the morning Azula was still alive, though she hadn’t regained consciousness. Ty Lee looked tired and her eyes looked puffy, like she’d spent most of the night crying. Since no one wanted to say anything we ate in silence, then continued to Dairen. We did the same as yesterday; me, Suki, and Ty Lee carried Azula, and Toph carried the bowl of berries. I calculated that if we kept up the same pace as yesterday we should arrive in Dairen by the middle of the afternoon, then we could take Azula to a doctor.
We’d been carrying Azula for most of the morning when she started stirring. We quickly put her down and waited to see if she’d regain consciousness. Azula then opened her eyes and started to sit up. Though I didn’t know as much about medicine and healing as my sister I didn’t think it was a good idea for Azula to be moving too much, so I told her to try not to move. Azula seemed to comply but looked a little co
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Avatar: after the war ends Ch6
Chapter 6: Return to Dairen
Though I’d managed to convince Azula to stay with us, dealing with her would be more difficult. Since she was wearing a gown and smelled like sweat, incense, and opium the first task was to convince her to wash and get changed. This started with Suki and Ty Lee trying to convince her and ended with Toph Earthbending her into the nearby river. Azula then threw fireballs at Toph but she Earthbended a wall to protect herself from the one fireball that actually came near her. This seemed to upset Azula a lot and she looked like she might start crying. Ty Lee went over and offered to help Azula up but this only seemed to annoy her. Ty Lee then said that Azula could use her tent to dry off and change. Azula stormed into the tent dripping wet (we decided to leave her alone).
Since Azula would now have to change anyway I showed Ty Lee and Suki the Captain’s clothes. Both complained that they were too big (the Captain seemed to be taller and much wid
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Avatar: after the war ends Ch5
Chapter 5: Conspiracy revealed
We ran through the forest as fast as we could with Azula. However after a short distance Ty Lee started to become tired (Azula was light but not weightless). So either we had to stop and rest, or I had to switch with her. Given that we needed to get away quickly I offered to switch with her. Ty Lee wasn’t happy with the idea (she didn’t think Azula would want a guy touching her) but eventually gave in. So we stopped, Ty Lee let go of Azula, I gave the clothes I was carrying to Toph (since she was too short to carry Azula, so she might as well carry something), I put my arm around Azula’s shoulder (she felt all bony), and we set off. As we were carrying her Suki asked me why Azula was in the Fort, I replied that I was still thinking that through.
Eventually Suki became tired and Ty Lee swapped with her. Then I swapped with Suki when I became tired. This continued until it got dark, when we decided to camp for the night (during this t
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Avatar: after the war ends Ch4
Chapter 4: Assault on the Fort
When we got to the mountains we had Toph search for the Fort, she found it almost immediately. According to Toph the Fort was in an old mine but it also connected to some caves, which the soldiers inside seemed to be used as living quarters. She then used her Earthbending to make a map of the Fort. The first thing we had to do was locate the Captain’s quarters and rescue the girl. This was difficult to find since there were three rooms that were guarded, all at various places in the Fort. I decided to start with the one nearest to the entrance facing the river, since this was the entrance that … uh … wait did he ever tell us his name? Uh, the entrance the … mapper used to enter the Fort.
Since I was in charge of planning the attack I decided against a direct attack because the area leading to the river entrance was too open, so we’d be easy to spot and easier targets for Firebenders to hit. My plan involved Toph blocking of
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United Kingdom
I'm from the UK.
Currently my life is hectic, as I have six competing interests.

The first is the mod I'm making for Medieval 2 Total War called 'Eras Total Conquest'. I'm trying to make a mod that covers the whole world out of a mod that covers Europe, the Near East, North Africa, and the East coast of the Americas. The hardest part is trying to make the far eastern factions, such as Chinese and Thailand (as no on has made units for them I have to do most of the work myself). But soon I'll have finished this and I'll have more free time to devote to the forth and fifth interests.

The second is A4E, an voluntary course I've been forced to attend by the Job Centre; which involves going to A4E for 30 hours a week and applying for jobs. I've already done the 13 week course once so I know it's not going to work because nothing I do there develops the skills employers want.

The third is my work placement at Oxfam which may give me the skills employers want (it didn't help me the last time I was there so I don't hold out too much hope).

The forth is cleaning doujins scans (I agreed to do a 700 page one).

The fifth is translating Cage by Suehirogari. The sooner I do this the sooner it can be edited and released.

The last one is writing my Avatar fanfic (I don't know why it gets pushed to the bottom, it just does). I need to update it more but each chapter gets harder to write.

Who knows, maybe once I've finished a few of these I'll make another AMV.
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